Dr. Erin Roche

Dr. Erin Roche

Chair of the IMSA Board of Trustees

About Dr. Erin Roche

Chair of the IMSA Board of Trustees, Dr. Erin Roche is the principal of Prescott Elementary School. Currently the Second Vice Chairman of the Board, Roche has served in Honduras with the Peace Corps and worked with the Chicago Public Schools in creating Telpochcalli, a school dedicated to developing bilingual English/Spanish students.

A graduate of IMSA’s charter class of 1989, Roche earned his bachelor’s degree in elementary education and mathematics from Knox College and a master’s degree in education from the University of Illinois-Chicago and Doctorate from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College.

His specialties include: Professional learning communities; building high-functioning teams; coalescing organizational vision; development in curriculum, assessment, and instruction; securing resources through grants and partnerships; building school culture; school budgets; strategic planning; fluent in Spanish.

Opening Ceremony


This is the official start of the International Student Science Fair (ISSF). During the opening ceremony, the visiting schools will be introduced, IMSA students will provide entertainment and an overview of the week’s events will be shared.

All Principal Student Teacher

Principal Sharing Session


Principals will have an opportunity to share an overview of their schools and communities in a small group setting. Table leaders from IMSA will facilitate this introductory session in which participants will share factual information about their school as well as what makes them most proud of their school along with the greatest challenges they […]