Teacher Programs

Teacher Programs

Program Background

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are universal, and as such, they will only be solved through collaborations that transcend national boundaries and areas of expertise. IMSA hopes the teacher program will provide the impetus for teachers/schools to reach out to one another and begin to collaborate on potential solutions. One of the objectives of ISSN is to promote collaboration and the sharing of ideas. IMSA believes that providing specific topics and setting aside collaboration time will lead to a strong ISSN community and encourage collaboration on multiple projects going forward.

During the course of the event, the teachers will be provided the opportunity to explore an issue in greater detail and to begin to collaboratively work together. The goal of the teacher program is to start an international and interdisciplinary collaboration to generate curriculum or research-based projects that examine an aspect of the three sustainable development goals.

During the registration process the teachers will be asked to select a working group they will be participating in throughout the event – Zero Hunger, Clean Water and Sanitation, or Affordable and Clean Energy. Once a teacher has chosen a working group, the teacher will be directed to some background reading material. The teachers will also be given a project proposal template to use if they have a project idea they would like to share with the other teachers, and ultimately work with the other teachers to further develop their project.

While at IMSA the teachers will participate in three two-hour working sessions.

Working Sessions

Session 1: Brainstorming and project identification

The first session will be devoted to a discussion of the sustainability goals and sharing of project ideas. If a teacher is unable to submit a project idea prior to the event, the teacher will have the opportunity to propose it during the first working session. The participants in the workshop will chose a project idea they would like to collaborate on throughout the five-day event and take back to their respective schools to share and further develop.

Session 2: Project design and presentation practice

During this session, participants will work together to design a project that would address a particular problem (target) that fits under their chosen global challenge. The ultimate goal is to create a project that allows for the collaboration of teachers and students across multiple schools and areas of expertise.

Session 3: Presentation of project ideas

On the last day of the conference, the working groups will share their proposals with the rest of the community, teachers, and principals. At that time, the principals will choose a proposal to be worked on over the course of the next year with the results being reported at ISSF 2019 and through the ISSN website (Collaborative Project news).