Principal Track

“The ability to discern and create connections is the essence of understanding.”

The goal of the principal track is to foster collaboration and sharing between principals in order to foster relationships and opportunities for school and professional development. Participating principals will share about their schools and educational programs. IMSA believes that the proposed principal track will provide the impetus for principals and school leaders to build international and interdisciplinary relationships during ISSF, that will continue after ISSF with principals collaborating and sharing into the future.

FAQs – Educators

We have compiled a list of general questions about attending ISSF, IMSA, and the USA into a list of FAQs. You can access them here: ISSF FAQs – Educators 

Track Description

ISSF 2018 is a five-day experience of talks, panels, workshops, field trips and social events. The full event program for all attendees can be accessed here: ISSF 2018 Program. During ISSF principals will specifically participate in the following sessions. 

Wednesday, June 27

Principal’s Introductory Sharing Session ~ Principals will have an opportunity to share an overview of their schools and communities in a small group setting. Table leaders from IMSA will facilitate this introductory session in which participants will share factual information about their school as well as what makes them most proud of their school along with the greatest challenges they face. We will invite principals to prepare a 2-minute introduction to their school to share verbally with their peers in a small group setting.

Principal Networking ~ The principals will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner and the Chicago lakefront upon the Odyssey. With breathtaking skyline views, creative menus, refreshing cocktails, and great music– it’s Chicago, served tableside. The principals will experience unmatched views of Chicago’s world-famous skyline, from the Willis Tower, the 360 Chicago (formerly the John Hancock Observatory) to the Shedd Aquarium, Aon Center and much more. The boat will depart from Navy Pier. The cruise will last approximately 2-3 hours. Cocktail or dressy attire is encouraged.

Thursday, June 28

Principal Breakfast Discussion ~ Diversifying STEM Education to Career Pipeline’ Presentation. This presentation will provide participants with the results of the Diversifying STEM Think Tank and provide strategies to enhance diversity in the STEM Industry. With an understanding of strategies to diversify, matriculation to higher education may improve, STEM engagement may be enhanced, and visibility in STEM careers may increase.  Diversifying the STEM fields may indirectly impact the socioeconomic status of these communities with opportunities to increase their earning potential, have more consistent employment, and obtain leadership positions; while enhancing the industry with culturally relevant perspectives. This session will be facilitated by Dr. Adrienne Coleman, Director of Equity and Inclusion at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA).

Friday, June 29

ISSN Principal Meeting ~ A meeting of principals from member schools of the International Science School Network (ISSN).

Sunday, July 1

Teacher Presentation of Project Ideas (Principals Invited) ~ On the last day of the conference, the teacher working groups will share their proposals with the rest of the community, teachers, and principals. At that time, a group discussion will be facilitated on taking the projects forward over the course of the next year with any future development being reported at ISSF 2019 and through the ISSN website.

Professional Development on Mindfulness ~ Principals and teachers will participate in a session on mindfulness. In this session, participants will learn the definition of mindfulness, neurophysiological underpinnings of mindfulness and learning, experiential learning of mindfulness techniques, and how to create mindful spaces on their own campuses. The session will be facilitated by Ms. Marissa Rivera, Wellness Counselor at The Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA).

Before You Arrive

We have put together some information on how to prepare for ISSF 2018 and what to do before you arrive to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Step 1: Prepare Your School Introduction (2 minutes) ~ We invite principals to prepare a 2-minute introduction to their school to share verbally with their peers in a small group setting. Participants should come prepared to share answers to questions such as:

  • Where is your school located?
  • What grade or age groups do you serve?
  • How many students are enrolled in your school?
  • What makes you most proud of your school?
  • What is your greatest challenge?

IMSA Outreach

IMSA Outreach is a suite of innovative and experiential programs designed to provide transformative STEM experiences for teachers and students by leading educators at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA). As an academy at the forefront of learning innovation, IMSA Outreach programs are designed to take the advancements made in teaching and learning on campus, out to teachers and students around the state of Illinois and beyond. Our Educator and Student programs are rooted in Inquiry, focused on Design-Thinking and promote the development of critical thinking skills to create new knowledge.  Through collaborations with leading institutes and universities, IMSA Outreach is changing how teachers and students experience STEM education. For more information visit IMSA Outreach or email the team directly.

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