ISSF Recap Day 4 ~ Research Presentations & Baseball

Day 4 was mainly composed of research presentations, where each student presented their research and answered questions for 15 minutes. Examples of the many fascinating projects presented include:

Effective Portable Water Filtration Device (Constance Gladwin)

Utilized a French press as a means to filter water, specifically in underprivileged areas, in order to fulfill United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Assets of Sheep’s Dock (Khongorzul Turkhuu, Tuguldur Battulga, Tuguldur Turbaatar)

Produced liquid fat from raw sheep dock in order to produce cosmetic products, in the future will increase stabilizing methods to try and utilize the fat in pharmaceuticals.


Replacing L Amino Acids with D-amino Acid Residues on the Antimicrobial Activity of Ultrashort Cationic Lipopeptides (Patricia Joy G. Sabido)

Evaluated effect of replacing L Amino Acid residues with D Amino Acid residues and testing how well they can fight off E. coli, a Gram-negative bacterium, and Staphylococcus aureus, a Gram-positive bacterium.


Effect of Various De-Icers on Grass Health (Dylan Walker)

Tested different organic and inorganic De-Icers to determine which had the greatest efficiency while also having the least effect on grass health, with molasses being the best overall de-icer.


Using EEG-validated Music Emotion Recognition Techniques to Classify Multi-Genre Popular Music for Therapeutic Purposes (Dejoy Shastikk Kumaran)

Classified over 2500 songs by emotion utilizing multiple systems, with the ultimate goal being to create a database of songs that will make people feel happy. For example, 24K Magic was classified as a happy song.


Afterward, students had the option to either attend a baseball game pitting the Kane County Cougars against the Quad City River Bandits or go shopping at the Aurora Outlet Mall.


Though each research project has the potential to greatly impact humanity for the better, what’s more, significant is the collaboration that ISSF encourages between ideas. This collaboration unifies countries beyond politics, unifies people beyond borders, and unifies ideas beyond what they could ever achieve on their own.


Thank you for another amazing day, and we look forward to seeing the culmination of a wonderful week tomorrow.

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