ISSF Recap Day 3 ~ Affordable & Clean Energy Day

The day began with a panel surrounding affordable and clean energy, goal number seven of the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals. Panelists included:

Dr. Michael Wang, Senior Scientist and Manager at Argonne National Laboratory

Clive Christison, Vice President, Supply & Optimization at BP Fuels in North America

Kris Zadlo, SVP, Commercial Analytics, Regulatory Affairs & Transmission at Invenergy

The Honorable Bill Foster, U.S. House of Representatives for Illinois Congressional District 11

Dr. Veena Joshi, Energy and Development expert, former Energy Senior Advisor to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

First, each panelist introduced themselves, their career, and their personal investment in affordable and clean energy. Questions included:

How is your company’s innovation driving you towards technology?

What technologies or policies will help us achieve universal access to universal energy?

What do you believe is the largest challenge to achieving that goal?

You’re at the heart of where policy is crafted: from your position, how can you help be a motivating catalyst for this change?

A quote that encapsulates the panelists’ views came from Kris Zadlo, when he stated that “Climate change has become a political issue, and we need to depoliticize it, as climate change is not a political issue but a human issue.” This view was further elaborated upon during the Facebook Live Lounge, where the social media team had the opportunity to interview each member of the panel in order to listen to even more of their insights. One consistently emphasized piece of advice for students in order to make an impact towards clean, affordable, and efficient energy is that no action is too small. Therefore, even one person’s cleaner lifestyle can make a difference for humanity.

Student Energy Workshops

Next, students attended one of three workshops, where they either learned about nuclear power, windmills, or microbial fuel cells. Afterward, students were able to visit one of seven locations: Argonne National Laboratory, Ball Horticulture, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Illinois American Water Wastewater Facility, Illinois Institute of Technology, Invenergy Renewable Energy Facility, and The Plant. Each one of the locations had some sort of relationship to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, pillars of ISSF 2018.

After a delicious barbecue dinner, students participated in an international celebration, where many of the different countries represented shared a piece of their culture with the rest of the participants, demonstrating the importance of diversity to science, and on a larger scale, humanity itself. After an ice cream social and dance party outside, students headed to their rooms after another eventful and fulfilling day.

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