Humans of ISSF: Mikki Rajvanshi

Describe your role/background at IMSA in 2-3 sentences.

I’m Mihika Rajvanshi, a rising senior at IMSA. I am also a wing guide and President of the IMSA Girls Learn International chapter. I am especially interested in immunology and hope to go on a pre-med track in college next year.

What made you fall in love (or like) with the STEM?

I fell in love with STEM when I first “dissected” a flower in 4th grade. It wasn’t an incredibly complex dissection by any means but for the first time, I saw what was inside of a flower. A flower isn’t just roots, pistils, and stamens. It’s more than a sum of its parts. That moment of understanding how things work together made me fall in love with STEM.

What is your role in ISSF?

I am an ISSF logistics head. Logistics can mean a lot of things but in this case, it could mean gathering all the lamps that you see in your rooms and making the little door decorations that you first see when you enter your rooms.

What inspired you to get involved in planning/supporting ISSF?

I got involved with ISSF because I wanted to be one of the people at the forefront. To have the opportunity to plan ISSF is an honor. It was a long road to get to where we are now but I’m happy I had the chance to help.

What impact do you hope/think ISSF will have on people who attend?

I hope that the attendees gain a broad perspective of America and the IMSA lifestyle. With the many evening excursions, the attendees get a chance to see both the mundane parts of life, like going to Woodmans, but also the more “touristy” aspects like the Museum of Science and Industry.

What advice would you give to people who will be attending? How to prepare?

To the attendees, allow yourself to experience new things. Yes, this is a science fair, but it is also a chance to be in an entirely new country! Allow yourself to truly enjoy the evening excursions and activities. Don’t always stress about your presentation!

What are you most looking forward?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be present at ISSF in person due to conflicting circumstances, but I hope that all the attendees enjoy the evening excursions! They are incredible opportunities to see what America looks like, in person!

Mikki Rajvanshi

ISSF2018 Section Head-Logistics

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