Humans of ISSF: Ellyonna Glenn

Describe your role/background at IMSA  in 2-3 sentences.

I recently graduated from the academy, where I was a wing guide for 02D and involved with Allies and ARF. I also participated in Harambee and Casa de Alma and volunteered at an animal shelter on my I-days

What made you fall in love (or like) with the STEM?
My grandma’s always supported my interest in science, taking me to places like the Field Museum or MSI. She also helped me take advantage of opportunities like participating in my previous school science fair and introduced me to the summer camp Art and Science in the Woods, where I went as a camper for 5 years before becoming an intern for another 4

What is your role in ISSF?

Student Buddy Head, my co is Harsha. We worked to read through the applications and interview IMSA students interested in participating in ISSF

What inspired you to get involved in planning/supporting ISSF?

It’s more just my interest in science in general, as well as my interest in other cultures that got me interested in ISSF. I hope to give the visiting students the chance to learn about and experience American culture while having fun making connections with new people who are also interested in science.

What impact do you hope/think ISSF will have on people who attend? Any advice?

I hope they find inspiration for future research, as well as a new perspective on the subject they love. Everyone coming to ISSF is unified in their passion for science, and I hope they take time to talk and learn about anything and everything. My advice would be that there’s more that connects us than separates us, so they shouldn’t be afraid of jumping into a conversation or saying yes to something. It’s the best way to experience ISSF to the fullest.

Anything else you want to say about ISSF

Just remember google translate and that passionate gesturing goes a long way to try to communicate your point.

Ellyonna Glenn

ISSF2018 Section Head

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