WISER: A Focus on Campus Sustainability

ISSF Project Manager, Mary Collins, introduces WISER, the Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research and their focus on the sustainability of the IIT Campus.  

One of the field trips planned for Friday, June 29th is a visit to the Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)Also known as Illinois Tech, is a private, technology-focused, research university, located in Chicago, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, science, architecture, business, design, human sciences, applied technology, and law.

At the WISER, more than 80 faculty members are currently involved in energy and sustainability research and educational activities across the colleges and institutes at IIT. WISER is focusing on the sustainability of the IIT campus. Solar panels and wind turbines are in place to provide clean, renewable energy. A detailed model of the campus demonstrates how smart grid technologies can be applied. Besides the focus on energy, IIT is also focusing on the preservation of clean water. The campus also has an urban garden.

Participants in this field trip will be able to experience the work the Institute is doing to promote clean water, clean air, and zero hunger. As a part of the tour, Dr. Hamid Arastoopour will provide an overview of the nexus between energy, water, and food.

To learn more, watch these two videos about WISER’s approach to the Transformation of Renewable Energy and about the Illinois Institue of Technology (IIT).

The Transformation of Renewable Energy

Illinois Institute of Technology

About the ISSF 2018 Field Trip and Excursion Program

The goal of the ISSF 2018 Field Trip and Excursion Program is to introduce attendees to IMSA’s partners and collaborators across the Chicagoland area. From leading universities, science museums, and art institutes to private sector STEM partners, IMSA has a rich network of people and organizations who support and foster the academy as the leading learning laboratory it is today. During ISSF attendees will have the opportunity to participate in field trips and visit partner locations. You can read more about these trips here.

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