MSI: Creating a Love for Maths and Science

IMSA Senior, Sonya Gupta shares her experience on visiting the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) and how it helped create her love for maths and science. 

As I reached the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), I could not contain myself. I smiled as I traversed the marble plains and looked past the Grecian columns like an explorer gazing into the horizon. Backpack in hand, I walked up the stairs like a true adventurer with a thirst for knowledge and this museum promised to hold more than enough to satiate my curiosity.

The Museum of Science and Industry has always piqued my interest and I am positive that you will love the museum too. There are many opportunities to explore and learn about everything from microscopic bacteria to the vast expanses of space. Although there are dozens of breathtaking exhibits, there are a few exhibits that stand out from the rest.

The U-505 Submarine Exhibit is amazing because it houses the actual U-505 that the Germans used in World War II! Just being able to see the German U boat in person and being able to see such an important technological advancement in history in person amazed me. This boat not only was rescued by a group of young sailors who wanted to push the possible and help advance knowledge everywhere. Chicagoans teamed together in the 1950s to save this boat from destruction when they raised $250,000 to keep it in the Museum of Science and Industry.

The YOU! The Experience Exhibit opened my eyes up to the fact that we are all nuanced, with our different layers of sophistication. This exhibit reminded me that the individual is more than just the appearance, for we are extremely complex biologically and it is amazing that our body works together. In addition, I saw the development of Medical Innovations and got to help diagnose a “patient” through the iStan robot. The Genetics and Baby Chick Exhibit was amazing because I got to understand more about DNA and gene editing while also getting to play with animals and see modified animals! It helped me see the results of genetic engineering and introduced me to the infinite possibilities for gene combinations.

The Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze Exhibit changed the way that I saw the natural world around me. I was introduced to the amazing patterns that exist in nature from the microscopic to the macroscopic level. There is math hidden all around us, and from this exhibit, I could never look at nature the same way. Since then, I have always been finding patterns around me and it opened my eyes to the beauty of nature.

Overall, the Museum of Science and Industry is amazing because I learned so much about science and technology. Even to this day, I am still learning more whenever I come to the museum. I would highly recommend you visit whenever you have the opportunity because this museum helped create my love for math and science.  


Sonya Gupta

About the ISSF 2018 Field Trip and Excursion Program

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