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About The ISSF 2018

The International Student Science Fair 2018 

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® (IMSA) is honored to host the 14th Annual International Student Science Fair for the first time on American soil June 27-July 1, 2018. The five-day event will highlight three global challenges that transcend national boundaries: water, hunger, and energy. Through the theme, “Significantly influencing life on our planet through cooperation and collaboration,” IMSA strives to deepen its mission as the world’s leading teaching and learning laboratory for the prosperity and security of present and future generations.

“Significantly influencing life on our planet through cooperation and collaboration.”

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About ISSF

The ISSF 2018 Logomark

IMSA students were asked to create a logo to illustrate the theme of the event — global cooperation and collaboration will enable us to find scientific and technical solutions to solve the grand challenges we as a global community are facing. The winning submission was created by junior Mishelle Mironov. In her own words, Mishelle shares her thoughts on what the ISSF2018 logomark she designed represents.

“The ISSF logo is based on a globe embraced by the shape of a sailboat. The sailing of a boat requires substantial adjustment of the sails by multiple crew members as wind, sea currents, and even storms change the sailboat’s original route. Likewise, science demands the collaboration of people all over the globe as new knowledge both drives and alters the course of this progress. The sailboat also represents new ways that science is addressing the global grand challenges like alternative energy—in this case, the wind is the source of energy for the boat’s journey. The 2018 theme “to significantly influence life on our planet through cooperation and collaboration” is further symbolized by the logo’s earth color scheme of blue and green.”

Mishelle Mironov
IMSA Student 

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